Is there a place for soft skills in today’s sales environment?

Though sales is one of the oldest professions, today’s customers with help from an array of resources via the internet and social media are more knowledgeable than ever, they need more than order takers to fulfil their needs. To achieve success, Healthcare companies must get beyond the traditional idea of salespeople and do more than […]

Hypnotic Language Patterns in Sales

What is Hypnosis? By definition, Hypnosis is a human condition which alters attention levels, peripheral awareness and human response capacity to make a person more suggestible and impressionable. It is a trance or sleep-like mental state in which the person experiencing the hypnosis will have increased concentration and attention. While in this mindset a lot […]

Top Ten Best Coaching Resources from the Business Coach Directory

coaching resources

With so many resources are available today that support coaches supporting their clients with professional development, it can often feel overwhelming trying to find the best resources and templates to use in your coaching practice. Here at the Business Coach Directory, we have designed and uploaded our resources with the pure intention of supporting business […]

Why Business Coaching is Booming (from Forbes October 2018)

Business Coaching is an educational process that significantly enhances the economic achievement of individuals. It concentrates on helping people – especially entrepreneurs – substantially grow their businesses. According to Heather Hansen O’Neill, president of Find Your Fire and author of bestselling books Teams on Fire! and Find Your Fire, “Today, driven entrepreneurs possess more potential to excel. Meanwhile, many of […]

What I learnt about being made redundant

Being made REDUNDANT. Just saying those words out loud helped. REDUNDANT. No longer needed or useful. Pretty harsh when you read the dictionary meaning. This was the situation I was in late last year. Although I had a gut feeling something was going on in the business and much change was happening, I don’t think anything […]